Technical University

Relaunch Intranet

The university is one of the most renowned educational institutions in Germany. With nearly 45,000 students and about 10,000 employees, it is also one of the largest.

In order to optimize the internal exchange of information and the organization of everyday work processes, the intranet for the employees was completely revised.

Project goal and focus

A special focus was placed on the information architecture, the personalization of information offers and a modern user experience. Central project rooms should also be created, which can be used for cooperative work on joint research and administrative projects.

Concepter / UX Designer

Quantitative user research (creation of an online survey, evaluation, presentation of results)
Qualitative user research (focus group workshops, requirements assessment, customer experience mapping, presentation of results)
Information and process architecture
Quality assurance

Exemplary screens

Dashboard / start page

Customised channel board

Wireframe entry page „Documents“

Quantitative reserach to gain rough insights

In the first step, an online questionnaire was created and integrated into the existing intranet for about two weeks. In this way we gained a rough impression of the most serious pain points / points of joy regarding the intranet usage.

The most conspicuous positive and negative characteristics

Qualitative reserach to sharpen the insights

In the following, these impressions were deepened during focus group workshops. In this way, we were able to obtain a concrete, detailed picture of which functions were to be redesigned and which were to be further developed.

Ideating features the users need

In a comprehensive ideation phase, features have been developed that meet the needs of the users according to the results of the previous research phase.

Creating a state of the art user experience

Last but not least, a user interface has been developed, which allows an optimal, cross-device usage of the features.

The side navigation

The site navigation provides the most important intranet areas directly.
Process descriptions, documents, person profiles, topic related information as well as personalised own contents are directly accessibl

The dashboard

A dashboard shows the personal compilation of the most important widgets of subscribed news streams, document repositories, project spaces or phone book entries.

Topic or institution based informations

Other news streams can be divided into separate boards and accessed via tabbed navigation.

Guiding personalisation with a wizzard

The creation of a board and the subscription of desired news streams is done step by step via a user-friendly wizard.

Step1: Selection of the desired topics

Step 2: Selection of the desired display mode

Step 3: After selecting the desired widget, it appears on the dashboard

Step 4: The widgets can be moved to the desired position on the dashboard by drag and drop


Further projects