MAN is not only one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, but also an innovation driver for a wide range of drive mechanisms.

Between conventional rear axle drive and classic all-wheel drive, MAN offers the MAN "HydroDrive®", an innovative auxiliary drive that offers more traction for road vehicles with temporary off-road use.


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The technical abstract topic of a hydrostatic axle drive should be explained in a simple and understandable way.
The explanation should not only be informative but also entertaining.
The newly created microsite brings MAN's drive innovation to life.

User Experience


Concepter / UX Designer

Content planning
Information architecture

Exemplary Screens


MAN HydroDrive® simulation


Tuning in the user

The user is tuned into the topic by means of a step-by-step intro. The most important advantages of the hydrostatic drive are demonstrated.

Simulating the benefits

The user steers a truck through a versatile terrain. At points where a normal drive would fail, the user is informed that he can switch to the MAN HydroDrive and thus overcome the obstacle.

The truck enters difficult, muddy terrain and gets a message to switch on the MAN HydroDrive®.

After switching on the MAN HydroDrive® the truck can move on easily.

Also hilly terrain is no obstacle for the MAN HydroDrive®.

Again after switching on MAN HydroDrive® the truck takes the road easily where other trucks would have to forsake.

Automatic functions of the MAN HydroDrive are also shown. The truck can, for example, resume full speed again when changing to an asphalted surface without having to switch off the MAN HydroDrive®.

After the truck's journey through the different types of terrain has been simulated, the technical finer points of the MAN HydroDrive® are explained.

The most important advantages, apart from pure driving behaviour, are also presented.

Testimonials report on the benefits that are perceived in everyday use.

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